Custom-Cover Board Baby+Toddler Readers: Act by 5/26!

In the Spring, TWB is on press with each of our Reader titles -- in both soft-cover and board-book formats.It's the perfect time to design your program's Reader covers with useful contact information for your youngest participants' moms and dads!

Rock-A-Bye Baby Reader (Eng, Newborn - 1 yo) - soft cover + board

Despertar a la lectura (Sp, Newborn - 1 yo) - soft cover + board

Bunnaby Bunny (Eng, 1 - 3 yo) - board

El conejito Claudio (Sp, 1 - 3 yo) - board


Below, we've outlined 3 simple steps to guide you through TWB's custom-cover ordering process: 

1 - **Complete Order Form by 5/26**

Please provide us with a completed Order Form with all the necessary information. Including delivery address and the presence/absence of a delivery dock!

Board-Book Baby + Toddler Readers

Spring 2023 Custom BOARD Baby and/or Toddler Readers
Order by May 1, 2023. (Next option: May 1, 2024)
Adobe Acrobat Document 131.6 KB

2 - Direct Your Cover Design

These templates define best "real estate" for your community's custom material on the covers. Refer to Areas A through E when directing your edits and graphics placements. If you download the template, you can write your texts on a print-out and email a scan back to us. Or, you could email your edits and cite the template's  "Area X" to help us place your edits correctly. And, email your graphics files as attachments to us at:

Cover Templates

Rock-A-Bye Baby Reader
Adobe Acrobat Document 162.1 KB
Despertar a la lectura
Adobe Acrobat Document 337.3 KB
Bunnaby Bunny - Cover Template (English, 1-3)
Adobe Acrobat Document 729.1 KB
El conejito Claudio - Cover Template (Spanish, 1-3)
Adobe Acrobat Document 663.1 KB

3 - Await your PDF proof!

Upon receipt of your instructions and graphics files, Cheryl will start drafting your custom cover file.

Your project's designated Proofer will receive a PDF via email that incorporates the requested edits. This is an iterative process. Your Proofer will receive (and consult colleagues as necessary) until such time as your Proofer alerts TWB that the current PDF is approved as "Ready for the Presses".

Time Table for Custom Books


Soft-Covers: Spring 2023

By May 4: Clients give Final Approval for cover/s.

By June 15: Completed books are delivered.

Payment due by 6/30/23.*

Board Books: 2023

By June 7: Clients give Final Approval for cover/s.

By Sept 30: Finished books are delivered to clients.

Payment due by 10/21/23.*


*TWB's standard practice is to invoice after delivery. If more useful to your ordering process, please request a pre-delivery invoice.