Encouraging young families to read together.

Our Baby and Toddler Readers are colorful rhyme books written for new parents and their young children. 


The Readers are hybrids of (1) educational pamphlet to parents on the importance of reading to young children, (2) illustrated rhyme books to read aloud, and (3) gentle advertising for community libraries as family resources.


Rock-A-Bye Baby Reader and Despertar a la lectura are for families of infants (0-1 yr). 

Bunnaby Bunny and El conejito Claudio are our English and Spanish titles for toddlers (1-3 yrs) and their parents.

July 2016


Board Custom Clients:

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Preparing for an Early Learning committee meeting?

We can send you sample copies of our Baby and/or Toddler Readers. As you discuss your community's first outreach to new parents, colleagues may review the nursery rhymes, photos and Parent Notes.

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