Early Literacy Materials

Now that you have presented the parents of each newborn in your community with a Baby Reader, what else can you do to support the early literacy effort? TWB offers a few ways of extending your efforts.

Early childhood resource center
Early childhood resource center


Consider Early Literacy Posters for public areas that new parents might frequent. The posters will provide your community's young families with a coordinated early literacy message, echoing the Parent Notes found in the Baby Reader. 


Our colorful stickers can help you reinforce and unify messaging to parents of 0-3s about early literacy. TWB offers Sticker Packets for each of our Baby and our Toddler Readers.


Bulk-sheet pricing is available on 50 sheets or more (600 stickers). You can select the counts of sheets to match your program's specific age/language needs. Please contact TWB for quotes.


Our Early Literacy Notecards (blank inside) are perfect to remind moms and dads of nursery rhymes and the importance of early family reading. You may also wish to print your messaging to new parents on custom notecards, or early literacy postcards. Call TWB with your order's specifics. Minimum quantity: 200 pieces.