Early Literacy Stickers

Back by popular demand~~


Pre-Covid, TWB offered sticker sets for our Bunnaby Bunny and El conejito Claudio Toddler Readers. TWB now has new Early Literacy Sticker sets -- including those for our Baby Reader titles Rock-A-Bye Baby Reader and Despertar a la lectura. (Thanks for the many requests we've received for a return of the sprightly bits of stickable sagacity -- we're pleased clients have found them so useful!)


These colorful stickers remind parents about the importance of early family reading and library trips. The messages are pulled directly from our Baby and Toddler Readers.

The stickers are useful to add to invitations, notes and paperwork you share with families. Or, to affix to your Family Resource Center's board books and reading files. Anywhere that parents might see them and be reminded to read to their babies and toddlers!

The stickers are available as a packet of 20 sheets. Each sheet has twelve (12) 2.5" x1.25" stickers. Within each 20-sheet ordered, you can select your sheet counts of each variety: English Baby, English Toddler, Spanish Baby, and Spanish Toddler.