Toddler Readers for 1- to 3-year-olds and their parents

Reading with one- to three-year-olds can be an exciting experience. Bunnaby Bunny and El conejito Claudio are books that we've created for toddlers and their parents to enjoy reading together. 

Both Toddler Readers feature poems that tell the story of a lively bunny learning to dress himself. The stories are illustrated with colorful cut-outs of our bunny protagonist as he spins off his mis-placed clothes and correctly re-places his t-shirt, jeans, socks and shoes.

Our Reader books are for children and their parents
In addition to the fun read-aloud story poem, our Toddler Reader pages display full-color photographs of real families reading with their toddlers. These photos show family groups reading in places of all sorts (e.g., home, doctor office, park, on a bus). The photos model family reading for parents as they begin reading to their own young children.


The Toddler Readers' pages also include practical tips for adults as they read to their toddlers. These tips, or Parent Notes, discuss the value to children of early family reading. Taking toddlers’ blossoming independence into account, the Parent Notes explain what to expect from 1- to 3-year-old children and how to engage them in the read-aloud experience.

Why Bunnaby Bunny and El conejito Claudio? (It looks like the same bunny…)
Since rhymes and silly, similar sounds are so much fun for toddlers and adults, both books are filled with silly, similar sounds. Spanish-language poet Ray Gonzalez wrote the El conejito Claudio poem with an eye to the Bunnaby Bunny poem and the shared art for each spread. However, for initial alliteration with "bunny" and "conejito", the two books necessarily are titled for bunnies with different names. Both poems tell the stories of their respective bunnies—however, both are original poems, not mere bilingual translations.


Are quantity discounts available on TWB titles?

Quantity discount pricing is available on our Baby and Toddler Readers. Non-profit entities ordering 20+ total board books qualify for these discounts. Prices are determined by totaling the number of books by format (board book, soft-cover). See our Order Form for the quantity-discount pricing tiers.

We're working on...

Somali Family Reader -- A board book that will feature Somali children's rhymes and songs. Its Parent Notes will give age-appropriate tips and encouragements to read and share books with 0- to 3-year-olds.

Your questions or input are welcome: Somali Interest.